Jimmy First and the Time Conflict | Teenagers Book

Jimmy First and the Time Conflict

Four years have passed since Jimmy was taken into the future by the renegade Time Guardian, Spiron. Jimmy is now eighteen years old and is preparing to go to Art College in London when he gets a call from Henry to go and see him at the shop.

Jimmy thinks that Henry has bought him something special to take with him to college but nothing could be further from the truth. Jimmy finds Auron, the Head of the Time Council, sitting in Henry’s workshop drinking Earl Grey tea.

He’s come to tell Jimmy some stunning news, but more importantly to ask for his assistance. A Time Guardian, Jonas, has gone missing in London in the year 2154 and Auron asks Jimmy to go into the future to help find out what’s happened to him.

Why did Auron ask Jimmy? Because Jonas was mentoring Jasmine, the girl Jimmy met in 2150.Jimmy First and the Time Conflict is about what happens to Jimmy when he once again travels into the future.

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An Extract from Jimmy First and the Time Conflict.

Chapter One - An Unexpected Visitor

‘I’m really going to miss you.’

‘It’s not the other side of the Universe, Chlo. I’ll only be in South London. It takes a couple of hours by train and tube, that’s all.’

Jimmy sat on his bed as Chloe packed his clothes into a suitcase.

‘But you’re just down the road now – we can see each other any time we like.’

‘I’ll try and get home every month and you can come and stay in the flat with me. It will be great – honest.’

‘And what about all those pretty art students. You’ll forget all about me.’

Jimmy took hold of Chloe’s hand and gave it an affectionate squeeze.

‘Why would I want to settle for second best when I’ve got you?’

Chloe sat down on the bed next to him and kissed him on his cheek.

‘You’ve been hanging around with Danny too long. You’re even starting to use his cheesy lines now!’

They leant back against his pillow and he put his arm around her.

‘You do want me to go to college, don’t you?’

Chloe sat up and looked directly into his eyes.

‘Of course I do. I’m so proud that my boyfriend is going to Art College in London, but…’

‘It’s only four years, Chlo. I’ll be back before you know it.’

‘You will e-mail me every day – and ring and text?’

‘You’ll be fed up of me annoying you all of the time,’ and kissed her full on her lips. Chloe leant back and rested her head on Jimmy’s shoulder.

‘Do you have to go out with Danny and the boys tonight?’

‘They’re my best mates, Chlo. We’re only going for a few drinks in town.’

‘Just like the last time they took you out for a few drinks on your eighteenth birthday – it took you two days to get over it.’

‘We were drinking shots, Chlo. It got a bit out of hand. It’s going to be much quieter tonight – I promise. Besides, I’m going to be living the life of a poor student soon so I’m not going to have much spare cash.’

‘Just remember that we’re going out to the Italian in town tomorrow night for our farewell meal. I don’t want you looking like death because of Danny Shorman forcing tequila slammers down you.’

Just at that moment Jimmy’s mobile phone rang. He picked it up off the bedside cabinet and looked at the number.

‘It’s Henry – he never rings me on my mobile. I wonder what he wants.’

‘Why don’t you try answering it and find out,’ smiled Zoe.

Jimmy pressed the green button and held the phone up to his ear.

‘Hi Henry.’


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