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A review of Jimmy First and Destiny's Watch by Angie Boyle

 I’m always happy to dive into and review a good book, especially by a local author and set here in Leighton Buzzard. Jimmy First and Destiny's Watch is aimed at children of the 9-12 age group.

The main character is fourteen  year old Jimmy First. Jimmy has Cerebral Palsy, this affects his co-ordination and his right arm is weak. If he tries to run, he inevitably falls over, but despite these problems, he’s a very kind and hard working boy and he has three good friends, Danny, Sean and Lee.

Jimmy also likes Vicky, but overhears a conversation between Vicky and Chloe, Vicky likes Jimmy but not to go out with, she couldn’t stand the thought of his “funny arm” around her. Then there’s the school bully. Every school has them! Enter Nathan Green and his cronies who are always bullying Jimmy. Jimmy feels that life is no fun at all.

At first, Jimmy isn’t very keen when his Mum gets him a part time job at “Crumble & Son” in the High Street Mews. The shop is owned by Henry Crumble, it is a clock and watch repair shop. Jimmy starts to enjoy the job as he is treated with respect by Henry, who has a passion for Earl Grey tea, not the supermarket ones!

Henry also has a secret! When Jimmy goes up to Henry’s flat to get some change, he notices a watch on the table. He had seen Henry with it, but it wasn’t just any watch. It looked like silver but weighed more like lead, and the face of the watch was not all there, the top third was blank. Henry discovers Jimmy looking at the watch and is angry, but why? What could be so special about this watch? How did Henry suddenly appear out of thin air when Jimmy had checked every room and he wasn’t in?

Jimmy decides to find out and gets more than he bargained for. He meets Spiron, a Time Guardian, who convinces him that in the future there is a cure for Celebral Palsy, he could go into the future and be cured! No more weak arm! No more running and falling over! No more Nathan Green! Spiron takes Jimmy to London, year 2150, where buses are driven by computers, there are credits by computer instead of cash. Spiron heads off to find a neurosurgeon in Harley Street, leaving Jimmy on his own. Jimmy meets Lance, who seems too nice for words, Noel, a homeless drug addict and Jasmine, an artist with her own market stall! Whilst in 2150 Jimmy gets a glimpse of how his life will turn out, a lot better than he could ever have imagined.

Without going into too much detail and giving away the story, it’s good to see how Jimmy’s life will turn out! It will get you wondering if you’d like to see your own future for yourself. Anyone who’s interested in time machines, time travel and the future will love this book, set in 2010 Leighton Buzzard and  2150 London. It makes a refreshing change to have a lead character with “special needs”. Bullies usually get their come uppance don’t they?!  This is a fantastic read, and maybe,… just maybe, it will pull on the conscience of the Nathan Greens of this world. They may think twice about picking on someone just because they are “different” in some way. It’s not about the way you look, it’s personality that counts! Many readers will recognise their own experiences from the book. 

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