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A review of Jimmy First and Destiny's Watch by Tony from Melbourne

 Jimmy First and Destiny's Watch main character is Jimmy First, a 14 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy. Jimmy comes over as a strong character despite his handicap, but he also shows his dreams and fears and how he confronts them. The first part of the book takes you through Jimmy’s everyday life and how he feels about his Cerebral Palsy, from his home life , his friends and his regular confrontations with the school bully, Nathan Green. Jimmy’s life changes when he starts working for the local watchmaker, Henry Crumble. Henry is a kind hearted gent, who is able to look past Jimmy’s handicap and trust him with looking after his shop. It is here that Jimmy makes a huge discovery...........Henry can travel through time!


The book takes a turn here, Jimmy is unwittingly tricked without Henry’s knowledge to travel to 2150 to have his cerebral palsy cured and the book takes you through the drama that this causes Jimmy. It is here that Jimmy discovers his own future, he finds out what he will be when he is older. Life in 2150 is much different to 2010, technology has advanced and it is all completely alien to Jimmy, however he does meet some nice and not so nice people on his journey. Eventually Jimmy arrives back in his home town in the present and confronts and conquers his greatest fear, Nathan Green.

This book will be very appealing to younger people who are experiencing the dramas of everyday life in a changing world. Jimmy shows that being handicapped does not necessarily mean you are unable to change your life or follow your dreams. The book is very well written and keeps moving making it difficult to put down, is not too long or complicated making it perfect for teenagers.


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