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A review of Jimmy First and Destiny's Watch by Helen Morris from Sydney

 It’s the year 2010 and Jimmy First may have a slight disability and a bully in his life (for a short time only), but he also has a group of caring and supportive friends.

His part time job repairing watches and the subsequent relationship he forms with the mature Henry Crumble is heart warming.  Henry is a wonderful employer, mentor and friend to the young hard working Jimmy, who in turn cares dearly for the elderly Henry.

It’s Henry’s secret which will take Jimmy on a journey into the future in the year 2150, one filled with excitement and a few scary experiences.  Jimmy’s innocence and naivety see him being duped on more than one occasion.  He even manages to catch a glimpse of his own wonderful destiny.  Jimmy, with the aid of Jasmine, is eventually rescued by Henry and makes it back to the safety of his home – just in time to be asked out on his first date.  Could this be the girl of his dreams!

This is a fascinating story and one which filled me with optimism.

Interesting that one person like Henry could make Jimmy feel so special and valued.

I’m hoping for a sequel and look forward to following Jimmy on his travels.

I would definitely recommend this book for children in the 9-12 age group.  It’s also a book that parents will enjoy.

(I ordered this book from the UK not only has it filled me optimism but also a sense of relief that when I hand over this birthday present to my friend’s 9 year old – it won’t be met with “I read this last week”). 

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